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30 May 2018 | MAK Azad

How to run an oracle job from windows batch file

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Usually a job is run by the scheduler automatically after a certain period which is specified in the job. But some time you may need to run it manually by the end user. In this situation we can run it from windows batch file (.bat) file.

Here is an example of .bat file(runjob.bat) which will run a oracle job and write the success/error message in a text file(runjoblog.txt). Runjob.bat file:

Rem Azad May 2018
sqlplus rmwlapp/rmwlapp@rmwlappdb @E:\Azad\runprocedure.sql

In this file first line ‘Rem Azad May 2018’ is a commented line which will not be executed

Second line ‘@echo’ will show the content of this file on cmd screen. You can use ‘@echo off’ if you wish not to show the content on screen.

In Third line there is three part First part ‘sqlplus’ will invoke oracle sqlplus editor Second part ‘user/password@tns_name’ is connect string to database. And third part ‘@E:\Azad\runjob.sql’ will run a sql file in which we will write our sql or pl/sql code.

runjob.sql file:

set pagesize 0
spool on
spool E:/Azad/runjoblog.txt

   DBMS_SCHEDULER.run_job ( job_name => 'ATT_RUN_SCHEDULE', use_current_session => FALSE);

/ quit
spool off

Here: 'spool E:/Azad/runjoblog.txt' Line will write success/error message in runjoblog.txt file

DBMS_SCHEDULER.run_job ( job_name => 'ATT_RUN_SCHEDULE', use_current_session => FALSE);

This PL/SQL code will run the job which name is 'ATT_RUN_SCHEDULE'

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